Embrace your feminine powers

I’m using my “Feminine Powers” to create the life I desire... are you?

If you are anything like me, maintaining the balance in life is the ultimate challenge... children, relationships and work commitments are DEMANDING! Oh, and of course there’s me, usually last on my list of priorities.

For years I’ve felt chronically drained, unfocused and unmotivated because I wasn’t being intentional with when, where and how I focused my most valuable resource, my energy. I often spent too much time in one area, consequently neglecting another.

For the last few years, I’ve felt like I'm being held accountable for all the subconscious ways, I've continuously denied my power and betrayed myself, under the illusion of playing my “role”.

I’ve been Shedding what feels like infinite layers of calcified skin (yep, Ouch!) that has confined me to my rather comfy little cocoon.

Embracing my evolutionary process has transcended me into alignment with my divine feminine energy and leaves a bittersweet, yet addictive after taste that keeps me returning, and even yearning for more.

Now, I am fiercely rising out of the confines of my self-limiting beliefs into awareness of who I am... unrefined divine feminine consciousness.

I’m sharing my personal experiences and knowledge because I know how much you will benefit from Embracing your feminine Powers to create the life you desire... if I can do it, you can too!

Mental emotional physical spiritual healing


Keep an honest account of your thoughts and feelings, preferably daily. All toxic behaviours, paradigms, trauma and anything else you want to shed and/or heal. Set yourself achievable goals and boundaries. Always finish with positive affirmations and changes you desire to manifest in your life.


Re-read your journal to yourself out loud and speak your words into existence focused on your intentions, with emotion and full faith that you are creating the life you desire.


Be still and stay present. Start to slow down- LITERALLY. The only moment we have is the one NOW. Yep, right now. Begin to notice your breathing, your thoughts, your emotions, your body and the ways it moves and responds in every moment.


Your temple is a divine vessel, you must have absolute knowledge of this fact. Everything you think, say, do, eat and accept must be a reflection of the unconditional love and respect you have for yourself. This means NO more self-betrayal. What you allow is what will continue.


Being present will inevitably allow you to see the magic unfold in your life. Experiencing your desires that YOU spoke into existence manifest in real-time, compels you to express how grateful you are for your divine Feminine Powers.

It’s not perfection that is required to embrace your Feminine Powers its patience, perseverance and progress. The consistent changes we make in our internal world, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, contribute to the creation and grand design of our external world.

Love Jerelle Kiing