About us


I never know what to put in these sections, but here goes.
So you want to know who we are? and what we do? 

Well, there is no simple answer to that question, but what I will tell you is this.
I am Daniel Kiing, and I am one half of the Lifestyle brand Illuminate. My fiancé, who believes she is the brains behind this operation, is my life/business partner Jerelle Kiing.

Together we have created a brand that combines our purpose with our passion. We provide services that helps humanity and we achieve this with creative flair and love.
Our products are made with quality ingredients, preservative-free and most importantly are effective. 

We're not fulfilled limiting ourselves to being, just another skincare brand. Whilst we consistently develop ourselves, simultaneously Illuminate is evolving and together we are venturing into new territory.

Jerelle and I are wholehearted believers in making a positive change to the world. Our beautiful journey began in 2015 when we decided to be the change we wanted to see. 
Now we inspire you to do the same.

ILLUMINATE yourself!